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What's iPage Profits

iPage Profits is a fast growing community where experts, consultants, authors and entrepreneurs join to understand what online marketing is, how it works and step by step training to enable you to start seeing success from your website.

Our Mission

Help 10,000 service businesses to double their profits through website and online marketing

We provide digital agency services and easy to understand knowledge on following topics so you can grow your business online, get more traffic, more leads, more money and more profits:

Get More Attraction (Traffic)

Some say getting attraction is easy and some spend 1000’s of dollars monthly for this service.

In this section, we will explain How to get attraction and drive traffic through Blogging, SEO, Social Media (includes Facebook, twitter, You tube, LinkedIn etc.) and PPC.

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Get more Appointments (Leads)

Getting more attraction (traffic) is useless if no one convert into appointment or lead, client or customer.

In this section we will explain techniques and strategies on How to convert visitors into lead, lead into customer and customer in raving fan through landing pages, offers and website optimization.

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Get More Profit

Getting traffic and leads are important but our main goal is to get more profits...

... Right ?

In this section we will explain important strategies on How to not loose shirt while getting traffic and leads, How to become profitable business and grow to next level.

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Marketing Automation

This section is for busy business owners who want to dominate online and get more visibility online so clients/customers can find them but don’t have time to read or understand online marketing.

Service we provide

  • Web Presence
  • Local Search Placement
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

These are core services we provide but it is only available to our members and have very limited spots at any given time.

To get selected for these services you have to apply and book free no obligation strategy session and if you qualify then only you can avail this done-for-you services.

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