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April 2016

How To Drive Traffic Using Pinterest

Perhaps you’ve already heard of Pinterest, the social network that is causing more traffic referential Youtube, Google+ Likedin and joints.

That is why if you want to seize the moment and be in the formation of a global traffic in no time you should learn more about this network and how to manage it effectively.

If you have not seen my article about it and how to use Pinterest here you can watch it includes a tutorial video.

Pinterest is a social network where people are a total nos of higher than any other network, from about 15 minutes to an hour and a half. And that’s a lot of time. And it’s good to know strategically use the right way.

Here are 9 strategies that you should follow so you can drive traffic with Pinterest as this should be the purpose in much if you decide to use it as a marketing strategy.

1. Send your list of email an invitation to join to follow you on Pinterest. Explain the importance of this network and that should take advantage of the traffic now. Offer them an invitation to the social network. You can also put your link in your profile wall and the Like your Page by an invitation to follow.

2. If you have a blog on wordpress install a plugin to Pin your items and adds Pinterest icon next to other social networks you have. If you see here in the column on the right and I added mine next to Facebook and Youtube.

3. Since people is joining very quickly Pinterest includes the network icon on your business card, your newsletter, your articles, your status on Facebook and Twitter messages in your Youtube videos. Remember that frequency is the key and slowly the vast majority will just joining this network than they did in Facebook.

4. Use good images and photographs that are creative and attractive with messages related to them. Remember to respect the credit to the original source thereof. The more attractive more repin succeed. The best songs are: infographic to give visual, educational data, comic, sexy pictures and bright colors.

5. Remember that Pinterest is a social network, you can see who follows you, who made repin, since like, commented on each image or Board (Board). Likewise you should discuss genuinely and share other pins. So others will see your name and discover.

6. DO NOT upload pictures of your items that lost the link to your weblog. When writing an article from your blog make him Pin to upload your article instead of uploading images directly. So you make sure you have the correct link to your article and your blog will get more traffic.

7. Plan your strategy when you upload or share a photo or image. Some will only be to show your tastes and what you like but others must target a specific purpose, aimed at social networking, a capture page, a shop, etc…

8. It is important as a marketing strategy to know how this traffic to your website from Pinterest. Use Google analytics for this. There you can see where they are coming unique visits and visits of references is these that come from Pinterest. You can see here that really is interesting to people and at what time of day it is working better.

9. The best day to create pins are Saturdays. Also they are Wednesday as a second option. This data comes from Pinterest infographics in

It truly is essential to know what’s working and what exactly is not operating with your enterprise environment. Consider comparable firms and see what these are sharing as well as what is attracting one of the most awareness.

Remain in-tuned and even active with Pinterest always. Pinterest is a fresh sort of social networking marketing and advertising and it is nonetheless ever changing. Committing time will remain updated and will be helpful in expanding your enterprise.

Pinterest is a completely new brand for internet marketing, is incredibly well-liked and also expanding in level of popularity every day.

Today is the time for you to reap the benefits of this excellent advertising instrument to broaden your business right along with it. Take advantage of your inventive side and have fun expanding your online business with Pinterest!

Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet is the founder and CEO of iPage Profits. He is also a highly sought after consultant whose work has impacted over 100s of businesses around the world.