February 2016

Twitter Internet Marketing in 7 Easy Steps

Twitter is one of those excellent online tools you can use for establishing real time communication with your target audience. After all, users tend to expect companies to quickly respond to their requests. The ability to respond quickly to the request of […]
January 2016

Part 2 – A Quick Know-How In To LinkedIn Marketing

Previously, some tips were discussed in part one and how these could help your brand or business be noticed by your targeted audience. The second installment of this quick know-how article deep dives into the rest of the list. To continue, stay […]
January 2016

6 Ways To Market Effectively Without Becoming Spam

The best way to effectively carry out marketing without becoming a spam is through Email-marketing. Email marketing is a very popular practice and technique that can be used to advertise your business to prospective customers. Apart from using email for marketing, you […]
January 2016

Facebook Marketing: 7 Steps to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

When dealing with a fast paced environment such as the social media, not all businesses fare well. Some may enjoy an exceptionally high growth at first, and end up slipping off at a later date. How do you succeed in Facebook marketing? […]
January 2016

4 Way To Get Traffic From Pinterest

Whether or not you are running a blog or developing a company, odds are you have heard of Pinterest. Are you currently utilizing the up-and-coming social bookmarking website? Many people are, and first adopters are demonstrating the website could be a effective […]
January 2016

How to Use Instagram for Marketing

These days, there are so many ways to market one’s brand. The internet itself is a vastly growing community, and in recent years, Instagram has proven to be one of the most reliable apps that could be used for marketing. If you’re […]
December 2015

3 Key Tips for Video Marketing Preparation Phase

Once you have a plan and a particular objective for your video, you need to carry on the creative phase of the process. Pre-production, the second aspect of video marketing is considered the preparation phase. What happens before the actual filming of […]
December 2015

Top 3 Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Nowadays, close to 70% of listed businesses have an official Twitter account to keep in touch with their clients. But not everyone knows hot to deploy this account to bolster the Company-Client relationship and enhance their brand value. With a little practice […]
December 2015

A Quick Know-How In To LinkedIn Marketing

The marketing and advertising landscape have changed dramatically over the past five years. Depending on their target audience and internet usage, brands nowadays have been able to do away with advertising on mass media and have successfully launched purely through online efforts. […]
December 2015

Achieve Facebook Marketing Success by Taking One Step at a Time

In all businesses, the game plan is always the key to success. To come up with a solid game plan and strategy in Facebook marketing, do not forget this 5 easy steps: 1.) When putting up a business, it is important to […]